I'm a big fan of poetry. I read a lot of it and I write a bit of it. Some of my poems have appeared in literary journals and I've published three small volumes of my work. I've also used poetry to advance clients' marketing objectives. 

When your firm is named after a Romantic poetic, it makes a ton of sense to offer to write some custom poems that people could give to their loved ones on Valentine's Day. That's just what I cooked up for my firm Wordsworth Communications.  [Creative partner: Fiona Smillie]

Several dozen people won poems, each of which was framed and wrapped, ready to give to their loved ones. Over the years, more than 100 people have won a custom poem through this program, which has also generated considerable media attention.

A collection of poems I wrote, all with some connection to fishing. A sample below. [Cover design: Lauren Hayes]

Another collection of poems, this one themed around the great outdoors. [Cover design: Lauren Hayes]


I reel my catch upward 
into a dazzling, 
breath-stealing world,
its bulging, uncertain eyes
just inches from my own
as I remove the hook
and release it 
back to nature.

This near-death
experience for the fish, 
might it be just like
what some humans 
have reported:

upward rush,
blinding light,
staring into 
the face of God?


They make their own shelter
using vines and leafy branches.
They drink water from a nearby
stream, where they also catch--
and clean--their dinner.
They ignite their kindling and their
pipe tobacco with pieces of flint.
The sun's rise and the birds' songs
are their no-snooze alarm clocks.
And when it's time to leave,
they, like the rest of us,
drive away--back to the place
where we all compromise.
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